CMOS Amplifier Receiver with AGC Bandwidth Circuit


  • Amirrul Aiman din Abdul Rehman Department of Communication Engineering, Asian Institute of Thailand, Thailand.


Gain Control, Bandwidth, Frequency Response;


This research work focuses on the concept of wireless optical communication system. A „CMOS Amplifier Receiver with Gain and Bandwidth Adjustment Capabilities‟ has been designed to detect the gain and bandwidth of the transmitted signal. Configurations of receivers had been designed using LMH6624 as the front-end transimpedance amplifier and the LMH6504 amplifier as the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit. Furthermore, this research work also use LMH6732 amplifier at the output in order to have the capability of controlling the bandwidth. The output frequency response achieved by transimpedance amplifier using LMH6624 is 180.44 MHz and 144.61 MHz cut-off frequency after the AGC circuit while the controllable bandwidth amplifier by using LMH6732 produced is 75.32 MHz.



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