F. A. Q

  • Types of papers JAET accepts to publish?

JAET accepts result-oriented research articles based on experimental, theoretical, and numerical work and review papers only to main journal quality.

  • JAET journal type?

JAET is a peer-reviewed international journal.

  • Can one author submit more than one paper for the current issue?

No, the maximum limit for an author to submit the paper in the current issue is only one.

  • How long does it take to assign a paper for reviewers?

If the paper is formatted in JAET format, the initial process will take from one to two weeks to verify the JAET standard and scope for the manuscript.

  • How long JAET will take to finalize the reviews for the manuscripts?

The review process will take 6-8 weeks for finalizing the paper’s acceptance. However, the process may get a longer time due to the availability of the reviewer.

  • How long JAET will take to publish the manuscripts?

After the acceptance, the manuscript will be available online as earlier.

  • Deadline to submit papers?

The deadline for submitting the paper June Issue is March 30 and December Issue is October 30 of Every Year. However, if the author missed the deadline the paper will be considered for the next issue.

  • Is there any publication charge?

Article Publication Charges (APC) in PKR for Local Pakistan Authors:                 {10,000}

Article PublicationCharges (APC) in USD for International Authors:                {100 USD}

  • Is there any Subscription charge?

Local Annual Subscription in PKR (Organization):      1000 

Local Annual Subscription in PKR (Organization):      500  Per Issue

Foreign Annual Subscription in USD(Organization):   50

Foreign Annual Subscription in USD(Organization):      25  Per Issue

  • How do I submit the paper?

Journal is OJS based. The System has all information to submit.

  • Is it possible to know the current status of the manuscript submitted to JAET?

Yes, it is a complete OJS system.

  • What are the instructions for preparing my camera-ready version of the paper?

Follow the instructions to authors in the Preparation of Manuscript for the final version.

What is the maximum length of a paper?                             

  • How many reviewers usually review a paper?

A paper is usually reviewed by two reviewers.