Database System for Medical Record Keeping and Retrieval


  • Dua Amna Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro
  • Fayaz Ahmed Memon Department of Software Engineering, Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science & Technology Nawabshah, Pakistan.
  • Farida Memon Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan
  • Imtiaz Ali Halepoto Department of Software Engineering, Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science & Technology Nawabshah, Pakistan
  • Ali Raza Bhangwar Department of Software Engineering, Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science & Technology Nawabshah, Pakistan



Medical record, Retrieval, Medical Database System, Electronic Health Record, Hospital Database System


The field of healthcare is producing a lot of information in the form of data and knowledge. Medical knowledge is increasing day by day. The data needs to be accessed for providing health services and for administrative, economic, and legal purposes. Most of the health sectors use a paper-based system, which due to its certain limitations can affect the quality of care. Modern medical systems observed the need for the use of medical databases. Medical Database System (MDS) is an advancing concept and is defined as a systematic collection of online-based health records in any health facility that helps to overcome the limitations of conventional paper-based systems. The problem remains in the existing methods of medical record keeping and retrieval, which are less efficient as well as accurate. Recent systems have problems in their systems, such as inaccuracies in data, inefficiencies in their workflows, and other potential security weaknesses. Thus, there is a need for a database system specifically designed for medical record keeping that can overcome these problems and can offer a reliable, secure, and efficient solution for storing and retrieving medical records. In this research, an online-based health record system is designed that can keep, manage, and retrieve medical health records. The system’s frontend, as well as backend, are designed on Microsoft Access 365. Microsoft Access 365 offers suitability in keeping medical records, cost-effectiveness, integration capabilities, user-friendly interface, and scalability which also support the objectives and requirements of our project. The system includes patient registration for reception, a questioner and data retrieval for cancer diagnosis, and a complete pharmacy system including multiple forms and ledgers as well as the reports to get the summary of data where desired. Furthermore, the system contains a login system to make it secure. Our proposed database system shows a very significant improvement over existing systems in terms of efficiency, scalability, security, retrieval capabilities, and societal impact in medical record keeping and retrieval with significant societal impacts. This system can further be improved in the future, expanding its design by including other hospital services, like laboratories, finance departments, and consultation appointments. Nowadays artificial intelligence is performing an excellent role in each domain. Implementing artificial intelligence in this database system can lead this database system to the next level.




How to Cite

Dua Amna, Fayaz Ahmed Memon, Farida Memon, Imtiaz Ali Halepoto, & Ali Raza Bhangwar. (2023). Database System for Medical Record Keeping and Retrieval. Journal of Applied Engineering & Technology (JAET), 7(1), 93–104.

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