Authors’ Guidelines Before Submission

Preparation of Manuscript

  • Use the English language and the SI system for measurements and units.
  • The manuscript can be prepared according to Given Templates i.e in LaTeX or in MS Word.
  • Manuscripts must contain the following information:
    • Abstract not longer than 300 words
    • Keyword listing should be minimum 4 and Maximum 6.
    • Figures should be either printed in black & white or color figures.
    • All figures and tables should be captioned properly.
    • For all equations, use either Microsoft Equation Editor or MathType add-on.
    • The Manuscripts must submit not more than 12% similarity index (While, No Similarity in Technical Contents in methods, Results, abstract, and in conclusion).
  • Submit the copyright form provided by Editor, if the paper is accepted.



Manuscript Submission Guidelines